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Land Use Notices 2023

Below are the current years Land Use Notices.  These notices will be archived into one document at the start of a new year.  Land Use Notices by year are available through the Land Use Notice Page 



SWND Shevlin Townhomes Public Meeting Land Use Report 

You are invited to attend a public meeting to learn about a proposed development project in your neighborhood. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for the applicant and neighbors to discuss the proposed development prior to its application submission to the City of Bend.

The Developer is Blue Fern. The project, located at 2455 NW Shevlin Road,  will create 46 new townhomes with associated roadway and utility infrastructure. Impacts, if any, to the community will be addressed with full application of the project

Full notice can be accessed here

Meeting Notes can be accessed here


November 13, 2023 

Talline Pre-Application Public Meeting Notice

AKS Engineering & Forestry is holding a neighborhood meeting regarding the construction of a new commercial building (±14,100 square feet), associated parking, landscaping, and other improvements in the Convenience Commercial (CC) zone, within the approved Talline Master Plan. The site is located north of NW Shevlin Park Road and west of NW Skyline Ranch Road in the City of Bend. 

Full notice can be accessed here


October 21, 2023 

REQUEST: The City of Bend is proposing a package of amendments to the Bend Comprehensive Plan and Bend Development Code (BDC). The primary purpose of the proposed amendments is to implement OAR 660-012-0405 (Parking Regulation Improvement) and OAR 660-012-0415 (Parking Maximums and Evaluation in More Populous Communities) of the Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules. There are also minor changes throughout for consistency and clarity.

Full Notice can be accessed here. 


September 29, 2023:    

Awbrey Butte Waterline Project Construction Update.

Beginning in November, there will be a full closure of 9th Street between Newport Avenue and Portland Avenue. Two-way traffic will be detoured via 10th Street. 

After November, work on 9th Street will continue through January; however, that portion of work involves single-lane closures (no detours) controlled by flaggers on weekdays between 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Traffic delays are expected. Periodic restoration work is planned through March 2024, but won't involve major traffic impacts.

Update Map can be viewed here 



September 28, 2023        

Notice of Community Development Data Explorer Training Friday, October 6th, 11:00 a.m. via Zoom.


September 27, 2023:    

Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee (TRUAC) – Sixth Meeting Wednesday, October 4th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. City Council Chambers.

Additional details can be viewed here


September 18, 2023    

Notice of Public Hearing before the Planning Commission on Monday, October 9th at 5:30 p.m.,


File No. PLTEXT20230479, regarding amendments to the Bend Compressive Plan to remove the maximum density in the High Density Residential (RH) Zone and allow single room occupancies (SROs) in all Residential Zones.

Details of the notice can be viewed here. 


September 15, 2023:    

Awbrey Butte Waterline Project Construction Update. (All work is outside SWND boundaries, but there are impacts to roads that SWND residents use, like Portland Avenue.)

Details of the Awbrey Butte Waterline Project can be viewed here.


September 5, 2023:    

Notice of New Application for File No. PLSPR20230428 for site plan review for a 9,820 sq. ft. childcare facility at the northwest corner of Crosby Drive and Skyliners Road (no situs address).

Details of the notice can be viewed here.


September 1, 2023:    

Notice of Decision (approval) for File No. PLLD20230342 (Land Division) and File No. PLVAR20230397 (Variance) for 40-lot cottage cluster subdivision with front yard setback variance for 9 lots at 19755 Simpson Avenue.

Details of the notice can be viewed here




The City of Bend Notice of Bend Comprehensive Plan Updates File No. PLTECT20230479 to remove the maximum density requirement in the High Density Residential District and address middle housing:


  • Planning Commission Work Session: September 25th

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing: October 9th

  • City Council First Reading: November 1st

  • City Council Second Reading: November 15th



McKay, Miller’s Landing, and Columbia Parks River Access Project Update, Summer 2023


At the March 21, 2023 meeting, the BPRD Board of Directors provided direction to staff to continue moving forward toward preferred conceptual designs at each of the four access locations within McKay, Miller’s Landing and Columbia parks. Based on the board's guidance, extensive community and stakeholder feedback, and the opportunities and constraints of each location, a preferred conceptual design has been developed for each access point.


These preferred conceptual designs, along with a description of existing conditions at each location, can be viewed here.  For all previous project information, please visit the project website.


For the next step, staff will present the preferred conceptual designs, cost estimates, potential funding opportunities and construction outlook during the Business Session of the September 5th meeting of the BPRD Board of Directors.  This board meeting will be in-person at the BPRD district office, at 799 SW Columbia Street, beginning at 5:30 PM PST, with a Zoom link option for those who wish to participate virtually.



Manzanita Ridge Park Outreach 

The second round of outreach for Manzanita Ridge (formerly known as Shevlin West Park Site) in now open. We are inviting folks to visit the StoryMap and take the survey to provide their input. If you can please share this information with your HOA/community members it would be much appreciated. There are also a couple of key dates to note:


  • Wednesday, August 16th: We will be hosting an open house on the park property from 4:30-6:30 pm. We are inviting folks to come down and discuss the project and share their thoughts in-person. The address is 62691 Mt. Hood Drive.

  • Friday, August 18th: The survey closes


As for next steps, the feedback from this round of outreach will be used to generate three conceptual designs for the park. These designs will be shared with the community for their input later this fall. Additional information can be found on our project website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Modification of Approval to alter building elevations



The City of Bend recently received an application for a modification of approval of PLSPR20210811 to alter the building elevations. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that you or anyone else may give comments in writing to the city regarding this application. The last day to mail or email comments is Monday, July 24, 2023. Comments should be directed to the staff reviewer identified below and must include the project number 

​A Modification of Approval of PLSPR20210811 to alter the building elevations to add architectural features and accurately represent the grading conditions at each building. Type II Administrative Review.

Details can be found here. 


The City of Bend will hold a “hybrid” public hearing before the City Council on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.


PLRPDA20220926 (Development Agreement for partition)
PLMISC20220927 (Right-of-Way Vacation of 17th Street)
CITY COUNCIL HEARING DATE: Wednesday, June 7, 2023
HEARING LOCATION: 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97703 or remote, via a virtual meeting platform
APPLICANT: Housing Works and KOR Community Land Trust
LOCATION: 19755 Simpson Avenue, Tax Lot 1812060000100

  1. Statutory Development Agreement to partition a 7.12 acre property north of Simpson Avenue between 15th Street and Mt. Washington Avenue into 2 parcels for affordable housing (PLRPDA20220926)

  2. Right-of-Way Vacation application to vacate the unimproved segment of 17th Street north of Simpson Avenue (PLMISC20220927) 

​More information can be found here 


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Wednesday, April 5, 2023


The City of Bend will hold a “hybrid” public hearing before the City Council on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. You or anyone else may virtually attend the hearing.

Attendance instructions will be on the Council agenda which can be found at  prior to the hearing. Those without computer access may call the staff reviewer below prior to the meeting for a call-in number in order to participate via telephone. Comments may be provided in writing prior to the hearing and should be directed to the staff reviewer and include the project number. 

CITY COUNCIL HEARING DATE: Wednesday, April 5, 2023
HEARING LOCATION: 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97703 or remote, via a virtual meeting platform
APPLICANT: Pahlisch, Inc.
LOCATION: Undeveloped right-of-way within the Skyline West subdivision
REQUEST: Right-of-Way Vacation application to vacate Sisemore Road, an undeveloped right-of-way platted in 1892 that encumbers existing platted lots 4-6, 20-28 and Tract A in the Skyline West subdivision

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