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Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee

The Bend City Council is considering how trees should be regulated with new development. The Council's goals include reviewing current tree regulations and considering amending them to respond to concerns from the community while also implementing strong policies favoring housing production.


The Council is also interested in exploring alternatives to preserving trees if it would discourage housing development, such as requiring replacement trees or paying a fee instead of replacement to help support expanding Bend’s urban tree canopy.

Meetings: Join in & have a voice!

All Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public, held in Council Chambers and online


To receive notifications about meetings please email Pauline Hardie at


To watch recordings of previous meetings or learn more, visit the Tree Regulation Code Update webpage


A temporary committee was created to give guidance to the Bend City Council on the future of tree regulation when it comes to new development in the city.


The committee, named the Tree Regulation Update Advisory Committee or TRUAC, was created in early 2023 to recommend potential new solutions that balance preserving trees with building needed housing.

The committee members represent neighborhood associations, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee, the Environment and Climate Committee, arborists, developers, engineers, architects and the public at large.

Committee members were chosen to reflect a wide variety of viewpoints and experience related to balancing natural resources and development.

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